Liberian Orphanage Water-Well

Dear redeemed in Christ Jesus,

There is a children's orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia that grew exponentially in the past two years due to the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. We have two of our own members at Concordia who are very familiar with this orphanage in Monrovia (capital city): John O Paye and Roland Kesseh. Both men have spent much time and their own money to work with friends and volunteers at this orphanage. They are using local buildings to house many Liberian orphans with donations of food and some clothing from local families trying to help out.

John O Paye made a trip (at his cost) to this orphanage recently to purchase supplies, school supplies, and clothing using funds wired to Monrovia by me (from your donations). This was successful help, though temporary. They have saved up personal funds and purchased a small building and property nearby to be used as secure storage for food and supplies for the orphanage and have a small office for his local Monrovian friends/volunteers to use for receiving shipments, processing children, etc.

Roland Kesseh, working through his Monrovian contacts, has received a quote for a water well (handpump) that would require drilling and installation for about $16,000 US for the orphanage.

Thus, we are just beginning to collect funds at Concordia to be sent over to Monrovia with our members, John and/or Roland, to oversee the water-well project depending upon when we collect enough to proceed. If they are unable to travel when the well is installed, they are confident in their local friends and volunteers who have been wholly committed to these orphans for years.

YOU CAN DONATE NOW to the Liberian Orphanage Fund by mailing a donation to Concordia Lutheran Church, 1127 East Broadway, Louisivlle, KY 40204 or by labeling your church envelope (there are pre-printed envelopes in your 2019 box labeled "Liberian Children") OR simply write on your check or blank envelope "Liberian Children" (or Liberian Orphanage Fund). I will have some more envelopes printed up and distributed with this label for future use.

We already have peace in Christ,
Pastor Boyd <><