We are very blessed at Concordia to have the Board of Evangelism as one of the most active boards in the church. This board carries a minimum of six elected members with 3-6 additional appointed members at any given time. They have coordinated a variety of outreach events into the surrounding neighborhoods. Open house, a Christian concert in the city park behind our church (Christian band: Lost & Found), hanging 500-1,000 door-hanger invitations throughout the neighborhood 2-3 times a year (Christmas, Easter, VBS).

The evangelism board is looking at pursuing a ministry for the intellectually developmentally disabled in our area of Louisville. Some of the Cedar Lake area residents in group homes or in their own apartments need companionship, encouragement, prayers, Bible devotions or studies, and a way to attend worship services.

As of Spring 2016 we are in the initial stages of evaluating what we can do in this special ministry by the power and inspiration of God.

The pastor, the Board of Elders, and the Board of Evangelism members have been participating for over five years to visit members in their homes and help encourage any inactive members to “reconnect” with their church family at Concordia. These home visits are scheduled with the members in advance and pastor + two others accompanying him visit members in their homes. In the past 18 years these have always been loving, caring, and fruitful visits (Pr. Boyd).