Braille/Large Print Group: For decades the Lutheran Braille Workers gathered at Concordia on Tuesday mornings and print a "Lutheran Hour" sermon or devotions in Braille for shipment to interested persons throughout the world. It was quite an interesting and labor-intensive process from blank sheets to bound books packaged for shipment all over the world. The finished product, braille-books were collected, wrapped in plastic for shipment, boxed, sealed and addressed per countries’ regulations (which can vary). Finally they would be shipped, delivered, and enjoyed by sight-challenged people across this vast world.
Since 2015, due to changes in technology that benefit sight-challenged people, our wonderful group of Concordia members give regularly of their time and talent to produce something similar to the previous Braille, but now it is in “large print” form. Our Large Print Ministry members continue to produce a wonderful finished product that offers the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to sight-challenged people around the world.

LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League): This group meets monthly on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Our LWML supports special events at Concordia and other area Lutheran congregations. They host the annual International Food Festival and mail student “care-packages” to our college students. They support various missions.

Sewing Circle: These devoted ladies meet twice a month on Wednesday mornings making quilts and prayer blankets for various helping organizations around the world.